As Featured on Law360: Shepherding Insurers Through The Mediation Process

In a recent Law360 article, mediator Bruce Friedman discusses ‘Shepherding Insurers Through The Mediation Process’.

While insurance lawsuits involving claims directly between an insurance company and its policyholder make up a relatively small percentage of our courts dockets, cases triggering liability insurance from automobile accidents to securities class actions constitute a very large percentage of all cases before our courts. Settlement of these cases requires the proper shepherding of the insurer(s) defending/covering the case. The participation of the insurer(s) at the mediation is necessary to the ultimate resolution of the case. The challenge is making sure that the insurer(s) are prepared to participate in the mediation in a meaningful way.

Mediation of Insurance Coverage Cases

Resolving insurance coverage disputes through mediation requires exposing careful assessment of three unique elements: the insurance policy, the rules applicable to the application of the policy and the cases construing the policy. Evaluative mediation provides the best approach for resolving these disputes. It requires parties, counsel and the mediator to evaluate the strength and weaknesses…

The Ethical Neutral: What Must Be Disclosed In Mediation (via Law360)

A mediator with a national practice and decades of litigation experience, Bruce Friedman often contributes his thoughts on the Alternative Dispute Resolution process to well-respected legal publications. In this article, Bruce addresses the confusion among lawyers and mediators over conflict-of-interest and disclosure requirements applicable to mediators in California. “Lawyers and mediators must know and…